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Terms & Conditions

Section 1 – Definitions

“THE COMPANY” meaning Grey Shield Fire & Security Limited, referred to as “our” or “we”.

“THE CUSTOMER” meaning the person or organisation being a signatory to this Contract, referred to as “you” or “your”.

“THE PREMISES” meaning the premises at which the installation and/or maintenance agreements are carried out at.

“SPECIFICATION” meaning a written scope of works and/or equipment that will be completed/supplied by the company.

“INSTALLATION” initial installation and setup of proposed equipment.

“ADDITIONS” also referred to as “additional works”, meaning the addition, in any form, to the existing installation.

“SERVICE” Corrective & Preventative visits to the existing Installation.

“CORRECTIVE” A visit to the premises to repair or investigate a fault with the existing installation.

“PREVENTATIVE” A pre-planned visit to the premises to carry out a maintenance on the existing installation

“QUOTATION” meaning the proposed price for the equipment and/or works, usually in conjunction with the specification.

“MONITORING” meaning the connection to an Alarm Receiving Centre who will provide a 24hr watch of the system.

Section 2 – General

The customers statutory rights will not be affected by anything stated or implied within these terms & conditions. Acceptance of any specification that may conflict with the contents of these terms and conditions, the specification requirements will take precedence.

When a system is monitored by an Alarm Receiving Centre for direct response by the emergency services, the system must be subject to a maintenance agreement with the company. The company is unable to provide a monitored system without a maintenance agreement being in place.

Section 3 – Customer obligations

a) All third-party connections will be the responsibility of the customer to arrange and pay for. Included but not limited to:

i) Telephone line installations

ii) Internet installations

iii) Electrical installations

b) If any third-party connections required by the company to complete our installation are not finished and cause delay to our workers, additional charges may occur.

c) You agree to give our workers full access to the premises where required to complete all and any works.

d) You must not, or allow anyone else to, interfere with, adjust, repair, or reset any of the installed equipment at any time.

e) You need to notify the company as soon as reasonably possible if you plan to change the layout of your premises. If the layout of the premises changes without notification to the company it may affect the effectiveness of the system.

f) It is the responsibility of the customer to provide any insurance required specifications that may affect our system design/

g) It is the responsibility of the customer to provide any applicable asbestos register or Fire Risk Assessment that may affect our workers or the design of the system.

Section 4 – Company obligations

a) Installation, Service, & Additional works will be carried out during normal working hours, unless agreed with the Company at the time of the Specification. Normal working hours are Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 18:00 except statutory holidays. Any request for works outside these hours may occur an additional charge which will always be agreed in advance of the works taking place.

b) Any equipment that is not sold to the customer and is to remain the ownership of the company (i.e. Transmission equipment), will be clearly outlined in the specification. In the event of termination of the maintenance agreement we reserve the right to recover such equipment.

c) All equipment remains the ownership of the Company until the invoice is paid in full. If the invoice is not paid by the agreed invoice date, we reserve the right to remove all equipment installed. By agreeing to the terms and conditions you irrevocably authorise us to enter your premises to remove the equipment if the invoice remains unpaid. While every effort will be made by our workers to remove equipment carefully, the company will not cover the costs for redecoration to walls etc

d) In addition to Section 4, Part C the system may be remotely disabled until such a time that the equipment is removed or paid for in full.

e) On completion of an installation, adequate training of the equipment will be given to any operators the customer’s request.

f) Whilst only professional equipment is used by the company, electronic equipment can, on rare occasions, fail. Therefore, the company cannot guarantee equipment at any specific time. The company can and will explain the tests carried out at a service visit to prove operational equipment at the time of the service visit.

Section 5 – Maintenance

a) In accordance with the agreed schedule within the maintenance contract, we will attend your premises throughout the year to carry out a Preventative Maintenance on the system(s) installed.

b) Subject to the terms outlined in your Maintenance Agreement, one of the Preventative Maintenance visits may be carried out remotely. This will be under the Company's discretion and subject to availability and compatibility oof your system.

c) Unless stated otherwise, batteries or replacement parts are not inclusive of the contract and will be chargeable. The costs will always be announced before the replacement of parts and/or batteries.

d) Any installation will come with a 12-month warranty period whereby you will not be charged for replacement parts or batteries in event of a failure. This applies only to the equipment that has been installed AND supplied by the company. Any equipment supplied or fitted by the customer, or a third party will not be covered by the 12 month warranty period and appropriate charges will be applicable.

e) The maintenance visits will be carried out in accordance with the relevant British Standards at that time.

f) Should the system generate a fault we will provide an emergency service facility defined by BS9263:2016 Section 7. We will respond to the system within 4 hours either in person or remotely to enable the system to be operational again, further visits or remote assistance may be required to provide a permanent solution for the fault in question.

g) Should a fault be proven to be a third-party issue it will be the customers responsibility to organise the third party for appropriate repair i.e., if a phone line were to be the root cause of a fault with the system it is the customers duty to organise with their service provider for repair.

h) Any fault with a system within the 12 month warranty period proven to be the cause of a third-party and/or the customer's wrongdoing may be chargeable at our current rates.

Section 6 – Liability

a) The company has provided limited insurance cover for itself, a copy of the relevant insurance details is available on request.

b) The company shall not be liable for the costs of any works, including the repair or replacement of equipment, which are the result of; accidents, acts of god, electrical faults or electrical power surges, fire, flood, malicious damage, misuse, neglect or storm.

Section 7 – Termination

a) The company or the customer must give two months written notice to terminate the contract. The company reserves the right to charge the customer for the following period for any monitoring charges.

b) In the event of termination, the customer agrees to provide the company access to remove any equipment that is the ownership of the company.

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