When thinking about getting an intruder alarm system there are a couple of things you really want to think about. . Firstly you need to think about what kind of alarm you want, we currently offer three types of alarms; BELLS ONLY, AUTO DIALLER and MONITORED.

Here is a brief breakdown:

BELLS ONLY: This means if your alarm was to be activated it would activate internal and external sirens for up to 15 minutes before rearming itself giving you no notification until you get home later on in the day and manually unset the alarm.

AUTO DIALLER: This works the same as a bells only system except when the alarm is activated the system will start a sequence of calling up to four pre-programmed phone numbers and playing a recorded message informing you of the alarm being triggered.

MONITORED: This works the same as a auto dialler system, however instead of a piece of technology added to the alarm system your alarm is monitored by an alarm receiving centre where, in the case of an alarm activation, a representative will contact one of the key holders of the property personally.

Secondly you should consider if you want a hard wired or wire free system. This really comes down to decoration in the property as we can hide most cables and make a lot of the work blend in with the decor so you notice as little as possible. However the term wire free is boldly used by a lot of sales representatives of other companies so please bear in mind the wireless equipment in a wire free alarm is confined to the detection equipment and a small wire is still possibly required for the keypad, bell and phone line (if the system is on a auto dialler).

Pricing: Intruder alarms have become very affordable but with all homes being different it is best to have a free site survey completed, You can contact us with any questions or information regarding a quotation at [email protected]