Here you can see details of our most commonly requested packages. However these can be adjusted to meet the desired requirements to protect your family and property as best as possible. All systems installed by us come with a FREE 12 month guarentee as well as 12 months FREE maintenance contract giving you access to technical support 24/7 allowing you to speak to a qualified engineer any time of day to get help and advice from clearing faults to changing the time on your keypad!

Intruder Alarm Home Essential (20980) £750:

This package is perfect for home protection. It includes a professional grade intruder alarm consisting on a stylish LCD display keypad, three PIR sensors (movement), one door contact, our smart App allowing easy use without a code as well as a live bell outside giving a visual display that your property is protected by a professionally installed intruder alarm.

CCTV Home Essentials H4C2 (30561) £749:

This package is designed for family's who want the little piece of mind that comes with having CCTV. This package includes a professional grade DVR (digital video recorder) with two cameras positioned in locations agreed by yourselves. Generally this package will cover the drive of a property from both angles providing great coverage of anyone entering the property and vehicles parked on the drive.

CCTV Home Essentials H4C4N (30564) £949:

This package offers complete coverage with four anti vandal day/night dome cameras strategically positioned to give the optimum view around the property with memory lasting, on average, over two months and the ability to playback and get a live camera feed anywhere in the world at the click of a button on your smartphone.

Maintainable Contract £120:

This is the perfect way to look after your investment of a security system. This package includes two site visits to check over your security system and make sure it is working at its full function-ability, check back up batteries and clean and coat all equipment with specially designed anti-static foam. This package also gives you a unique customer ID allowing you to gain technical support 24/7 from a fully certified electrical engineer.