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Working With Local Charities

Here at Grey Shield we pride ourselves on being a family run Fire and Security company with a strong standing in our local communities. We have established ourselves as a company that like to not only deliver a great service, but also work with our customers to help them with as much as we can. One of the ways we have found best to serve our customers and the community is by offering a realistic service to charities. This ensures that they are in a safe working and fully compliant environment.

We first started working with charities in September 2015 when we donated an intruder alarm and a CCTV system to a local RSPCA that had been broken into. Since then we have also taken on multiple RSPCA sites as well as working with other charities including Havering Mobility and The Sick Childrens Trust.




Our First Donation

Back where it all started. The founder of the Grey Shield brand Alex Walker alongside two his brother who is also in the industry and the team from the local RSPCA branch.


Helping Our Hometown

In 2018, we found out about the robbery of a vape shop local to where our team grew up, Even though we no longer lived in the area, he wanted to do what he could to help them. We gladly made A Star Vapes  the receiver of our yearly donation by supplying and fitting a top of the range wireless smart alarm free of charge. This helped to ensure they could feel safe in the knowledge thst they had protection for their business.



What Our Customers Are Saying

Alex has been a massive support to us in building our health & safety manual from advice in risk assessment to clear, precise drawings on each of our sites. I cannot tell you how much time and effort he has saved this charity with his involvement. We are more than happy to recommend his services to anyone starting from beginning to existing health and safety work that needs fine tuning.

Julia Askam. RSPCA Danaher.
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